Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Time Out New York, get to know it. Time Out New York is a magazine that gives New Yorkers bi-weekly updates on concerts, restaurants, events, festivals, ect. About a month ago, Time Out published an article about gastro-cinemas; movie theaters that serve dinner during the production. T.O.N.Y gave Nitehawk Cinema an outstanding review, luring me to Williamsburg for dinner and a movie! I booked tickets ahead of time and was pleasntly surprised to find out that they were only twelve dollars, a dollar fifty cheaper than going to one of the chain theaters in the city, #stefanawinning! Each cinema room was designed for the concept of dual eating and viewing; with custom tables in-between every two seats, stadium seating, and tons of leg room, there isn’t a bad spot in the house. Here is how it basically works: Before the film, your waiter greets you and takes your order. If you aren’t ready to order, don’t worry, they will serve you throughout the movie! For service during the show, each table has pencils and paper for you to scribble down what you want; whether it’s a beer, cocktail, or food, a server will come by and grab your order then stealthily deliver all of your goodies. No talking to order, means no interruptions! My boyfriend and I got mini fried ham croquette balls that were garnished with dollops of pimento cheese. These crispy nuggets exploded in your mouth, warming up all of your insides with gooey cheese and ham. For our entree, we split a burger with caramelized onions and bold gruyere cheese. The crispy grilled bun held this mouthful of a burger together, enabling each bite to be better and juicier than the next. We thoroughly enjoyed both dishes while sipping  beer that was cheaper than a large soda at an AMC theater. Four stars to the genius behind Nitehawk Cinema.

Side Chat: If you are looking for a good first date spot, this is the place to go because the experience will create conversation! See a movie, eat some great food, then head down to the cinema’s bar afterwards and discuss the film and food! No first date awkward interview? Score.