Crif Dogs: In New York City, hot dogs are as common as the yellow taxi; everywhere you turn you can get one of these street meat meals. If hot dog stands aren’t your thing, and the thought of a dozen Oscar Meyers swimming in a steam bath for god knows how long isn’t causing your mouth to salivate, I would have to say, I’m right there with you. Something about hot dog carts in the city, any city, gives me the heebie jeebies; but since I enjoy a hot dog here and there, I was eager to try the famous Crif Dogs. Tucked below street level on Saint Marks in the East Village is this legendary hot spot. Crif Dogs is always buzzing with people who want a mouthful of explosive flavor in just a few bites.  Walk up to the counter and search the one of a kind menu for a dog that gets your culinary adrenaline rushing. Here are a few of their super original creations, just a sneak peak to get your taste buds working:

Chihuaha: a hot dog wrapped in salty smoky bacon with avocadoes and sour cream

Philly Tubesteak: a hot dog drenched in a yellow cheese sauce and sautéed onions

Garden State: a hot dog wrapped in taylor ham cradled between a slice of American cheese and topped with pepperchinis and mustard

Spicy Redneck:  a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with chili, cole slaw and jalapenos

Tsunami: a bacon wrapped dog covered in teriyaki sauce, pineapple and green onion

Having tried a few (ehm ehm) myself, (what?!!!…they aren’t foot longs!), I highly recommend any of these selections! Don’t leave without trying their waffle fries drenched in creamy yellow cheese sauce; a side that is so bad for you, but taste so incredibly good, that you wont realize until afterwards that you have eaten about a weeks worth of calories in five minutes. Right after that calorific fact hits you, you realize, they were worth every guilty bite.

Bottom Line: Crif Dogs lives up to their hype, no doubt.