Primehouse NYC

Primehouse: When you hear the street name “Park Avenue,” what words come to mind…Grand? Expensive? Classy? Rich? These are some of the ones that jump into my head when I hear the prestigious street address, and these are the words I would describe the brunch at Primehouse on Park Avenue. I’m a sucker for celebs, and after I read that Jennifer Aniston her current squeeze, Justin Theroux, were spotted here, it became a desired destination of mine. My boyfriend and I decided to check out their brunch scene, and were completely blown away, both agreeing that it was the best breakfast we have had in NYC.  All of the restaurants dotted along this famous street are over the top in some way or form; whether it is the prices, food, or ambiance, you can expect to fulfill that “New York City” experience while dining and drinking on Park Avenue. Primehouse is a perfect example of this famous street’s reputation, makings its presence known by occupying a generous hunk of real estate on the corner of 27th and Park. Walk inside and you will find multiple dining rooms, beautifully pre-set tables, and an atmosphere that reeks of moneyed masculinity. Unlike many small and cramped NYC restaurants, expect to sit at a huge table, even if you’re an intimate party of two. Get comfy in your CEO chair and nibble on the complimentary tasty pastries as you begin the difficult task of singling out your brunch treat. Feeling cocky while dining in this impressive place, I decided to live on the bold side and stray away from my usual selection of Eggs Benedict, and chose the Surf and Turf Hash (although, this was a difficult decision when gingerbread pancakes dressed in sweet maple syrup kept whispering sweet nothings to my carb-loving ear). When my dish arrived, I’m pretty sure my server got a mouth dropping of a reaction from me (this un-cool facial reaction, definitely not “Park Avenue”)…Two perfectly poached eggs sat on top of a huge serving of crispy potatoes. Mixed in with the breakfast taters was onions, peppers, braised short rib and shrimp; talk about making a brunch statement! A creamy warm pommery mustard hollandaise drizzled over this delectable breakfast concoction, creating a flavor combination so addicting and explosive, that you will literally be licking your plate clean (another huge no no on “Park Avenue”). As I left this restaurant I felt as if I had eaten alongside millionaires, dined among the elite, but guess what, the brunch only cost me twenty dollars! Primehouse is definitely the best deal and meal you will ever get on Park Avenue, so take advantage of their brunch while you can, nothing this good is kept untainted in New York for long!

The Final Cut: Twenty dollars will get you a delicious breakfast bread basket filled with an array of warm pastries, an outstanding brunch entrée, and your choice of a brunch alcoholic beverage; Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Bellini, Mimosa, Campari, or Champagne. This place is too good to be true.


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