Food Trucks

The Bottom Line: Don’t expect an average Oscar Meyer hot dog from trucks in this city; you can get some of the best grub in town from these mobile culinary revolutionaries.  Food trucks are just as popular as“#”.  Trending now #foodtrucksnyc

Korilla BBQ: Food shows are my thing. Everything from Barefoot Contessa to  Man Vs. Food will have me fixated on the television for hours. This past summer, I followed the reality show The Great  Food Truck Race on The Food Network.  The basis of this program is pretty self explanatory:  food trucks from all around the country competing to see who has the most successful business on wheels. Korilla BBQ was the only NYC food truck, therefore they were the guys I was rooting for. Though they didn’t take home the win, the Columbia graduates behind the tiger stripes definitely proved throughout the show they not only had the best food,but it was also by far the most creative. Korilla is Korean bbq with a bad ass kick. They wrap their Korean goodies:meat, kimchi, and rice, taco or burrito style, turning every mouthful into a perfectly balanced bite.  Korilla BBQ, definitely a truck to be reckoned with.

The Dessert Truck: To say I have a sweet tooth would be the understatement of the year. I have an addiction, an addiction to anything that involves chocolate.  Being that desserts are my guilty pleasure, it makes it difficult to walk by the dessert truck and not order anything. The dessert truck plates up some of the best sweet treats in the city. Don’t expect snowstorms or push up pops from this truck, order the hot molten chocolate cake with gooey insides and pistachio ice cream on top. Feel like living on the edge, then indulge in the warm chocolate pudding with bacon custard sauce. This truck dishes out some heavy duty desserts that will rock your socks off.


4 responses to “Food Trucks

  1. I love this. That’s one thing I really start to get into. I like Sweetery NYC. I want to try Waffles and Dinges. I’ve tried some food trucks at the beer garden at the HighLine this summer, but can’t remember which.

    • Thanks for commenting! I caught Korilla at the highline over the summer, so you may have eaten at their truck! If not, definitely check them out! Their fb account gives updates to where they are in the city! Sweetery NYC will be next on my list! Thanks for the info!

  2. I was rooting for Korilla too, and I was so upset that they cheated!!! They could have won the whole show, and they sold themselves short.

    • I know!! I don’t think we know the whole story though.. I think that they used money from a previous challenge ( money they hadn’t counted in another challenge, so still technically their profit). If that’s the cade, they didnt technically cheat.. They can’t tell their side of the story until spring! Until then, we are in the dark!!!

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